Fragmented Sculptures Convey Powerful Strength

Edge Sculpture website

This striking collection of contemporary sculptures is filled with a powerful strength conveyed through dramatic gestures and unique forms. Entitled Edge Sculpture, the collection was designed and sculpted by Matt Buckley, the Creative Director of Robert Harrop Designs. The series includes a variety of animals, humans, and mythical creatures ranging from a Cobra to a penguin, a dragon, a unicorn, and a warrior.

(Source: asylum-art)


A Week in Science with RiAus - 29 November

This week:
Researchers unveil a tongue-controlled wheelchair
Seahorses stalk their prey by stealth
Salt bombs hiding in your medicine cabinet
Dragonfly wings inspires germ-slaying nanosurface
Imitating competitors is bad for your success rate, and
Waiting for pain can be worse than the pain itself

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